I took the wrong direction on the day that we first met,
and thinking in reflection,
glad that on course you helped me set.

Turned one-eighty,
my visage a beaming smile,
your presence a protection and affection intertwined.

Sat beside the lip of the river,
thoughts and words and tea were shared,
this super sensual warmth inside,
this feeling…this is rare.

And I’m scared but in a good way,
and I’m sad now time has gone,
and I’m opening to let you in,
I know it isn’t wrong.

And I know it shouldn’t be so,
and I’m scared to rock the boat,
and if we fell into the oceans deep,
together we would float.

We wrap our arms around each other,
draw this evening to a close,
my heart feels different as I walk,
it doesn’t feel so froze.


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