I stand here by the roadside
I do this every night
I stand here in the winter
I almost get into a fight

I do this for a living
I’m stuck inside this world
I’ve been here for hours
But still I wait

I wait
I wait
I wait
I wait
And then you…and then you arrive

I get into your car
I do not like the interior
I sit down and strap myself in
and then you begin to drive

We’re going to your house
Going there
I don’t like it

You get excited
and say I’m really cute

So when we get into your house
You switch on the TV
And we sit down

We watch something
Something on the screen

I see lots of bodies and they’re all there

But then you turn to me and you say
When Do I Pay?
I say now

I don’t like to do this but I do it anyway

I feel your hands on my skin
I don’t like it
But I let you carry on, carry on

I can feel your lips kissing places that they shouldn’t do
But I let you carry on

Now you’re being rough with me
Saying things…like
You do this
You love it
and you’ll take it (take it)

SO I look up at you and I say
Yes..I..Do (Do it more)

You push me down
And you call me names
I’m thinking of the money in my jeans

It’s just enough to survive
To keep me alive

Then you’re saying I’ve gotta go
gotta get out of your home
someone’s coming back soon
you can’t see me here

you tell me to get out
just go and you
throw my clothes

I say can I see you again
You say maybe
but I don’t know when, I don’t know when

So you, kick me out the door then you started laughing
and then I turned around and looked at you

You’ve just started laughing
You’ve just said its funny
How I sleep with you for money
and you’re standing at the door

Calling Me A Whore – Whore?…


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