Secondary thought,
the prime reason I don’t truly believe in me,
I primarily put people in place to push past me,
that split second I slip into invisibility,
that moment I don’t appear to be there.

If I’m not heard am I not seen or does this all make me second and wary.

I’m weary and it’s my theory that if I clearly don’t come first then it’s time to define and decline the lines I’ve cursed and rehearsed.

If I can’t be selected then I can’t be rejected,
and I shan’t be expected to feel disrespected,
this translucence of nuisance,
this shadow of sound,
curve words around me like echoes abound.

This silver afterthought,
a second class citizen,
letting others overtake me and purposely positioning.

Retract many spaces in this theoretical queue,
a subordinate coordinate on a map of the withdrew

Navigating covert currents and sailing just out of peripheral,
you’ll never conform if you choose to be original.


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