I’ve thrown a lure into the sea, I wonder what will bite.

Will I land myself the illusive wonderfish with its scales full of opportunity?

This wondrous fish swims so quickly,
through ever-changing currents and wild and unpredictable waves.

I’m captain of my ship of one,
sailing across these changing waves of thoughts and emotions,
I’m not lost at sea but I’m starting to see a horizon as I search for this extravagant beast.

The sea is so salty,
the tales of the tears of billions of curious captains,
drifting out never to be seen again.

Strong headed and steadfast,
following the glow from this legendary creature.

I’m almost at the sure shore,
the brilliant being still just out of reach but I’ve reached a new destination,
a place as legendary as the wonderfish,
an island named after the heart.

I tried to lure and capture this magical beast of the sea,
but the creature kept swimming and swimming and maybe it was luring me,
to this island of everything shiny with opportunity roads,
tides of change and rivers of life.

I shall call it home.


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