when chaos is uninvited
like it’ll ever get a key
when the filth from the street
is now resting her feet and watching your TV
when the cracks start to show and the dragon smoke blows and the cola bottles stack up
when you know that the bitch is now rolling black pearls with a line from The Prodigy.
through gesture to jester
clean living in dirt
no smoke without fire ablaze
superfoods coated in a brown sugar glaze.
By error the bearer of terror swooped in
thrice sevens deceiver escorts junk she herein
big apple with the rotten core but exceedingly slim
graveyard gob with headstones absent
an aural onslaught
cutting through walls doors, skulls, and lead
the cadaverous cackles forge a tapestry of fantasies
held together with narcotic scum

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