You get the power to vote and then you don’t get who you like

A Tory fucking leader on a stupid fucking bike

The lies deceit and promises they all go hand and hand

Our money slips between our fingers like an hourglass holding sand

A pledge to make a thousand cuts to lacerate our throats

Whilst a ministry fat cat claims expenses on moat

The banks and corporations all skipping on their tax

They might as well just go and put a knife in our backs

A country built on antiquated Thatcheristic views

Where there’s nothing here to gain and nearly everything to lose

There’s monumental bomb below and they’re lighting the fuse

Whenever there is power there is always an abused

What an imbecilic notion to have a big society

They’re taking all the money whilst we all work for free

When everybody wakes up then you’ll see

This isn’t just a nightmare – this is reality


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